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Fuck With Me When I'm Like This......

I Dare You.........

"You really a pimp?"
"Yeah, and your moms my most requested girl, kinky bitch...." Now that thats out of the way.... I am 17 and in college. Graduated at 16 and absolutly hate it. My main source of income for awhile was poetry slamz, but shit went down, and now I ahve no money. Cant get any either. TO young and getting desperate. About to go illegal again if I have to. In this area though it seems like I cant without it getting around to "family", My fathers pet name for me seems to be "dumbass" though I danm near had an "adult genius" IQ at age 13. I am not goth and never was. I am no longer exactly punk either. Im not really anything ast this point and really dont care. I AM NOT GAY ( not completly anyway, guys are fun too)! I am Lonely And I am quiet, until I get to know a person, or a grouping of people, if I feel comfortable, I can be just as loud, funny, ~confident~ as anyone else. Besides that theres not much. I am a writer, and future superstar of underground anything everything.
This is the Main jouranl,,,,, If you want the self destruction and ammunition to my implosion,,,,, its at Mysuicidestyle.....
I use implosion litterally, I talked to a freind the other day that saw more recent pics of me from when we met when I was begining to go crazy. He said it looked like my body was attacking itself basicly, sick.
Back at it.......Woot, so that one might be more interesting..... Also, probaly just as incoherent.....
TK Blue
being a "tease", drugs, film, hot chicks, hot guys, music