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Lol, wow
My grandparents freinds came over. A couple, theyre relly sweet Ive known them since I was born. They are younger. 50's I guess but both in good shape. Dont look theyre age at all for people that have never expierinced plastic surgery. But the guy, Hapi, came up and gave me a hug and went on about how good I look. And I know how to tell when hes flirting, trying to make you feel better, and is being genuine...... And he seemed honest. I was like wow. First thing out of my mouth was basicly thanks and its good to know, ive been worried, I have slept about an hour in 3 days.

So yeah, thought I shouldinclude that in my first entry..... Just to give yall a taste,lol. Good taste, no?
So, friends only, under cinstruction, currently being survielenced so cant do or say much,,,,,,,,, add me if you want me to add you back, i will :)
Be happy
Danmit I mean it.
Unless you are my stalker whore I want you to be happy ( yes, I actaully have a stalker whore, yay. Dare you to ask, really) .........( But really, I kinda take that back because maybe if she were happy she wouldnt keep stalker whoring me,,,,,,,,, ok, just be happy, I want all yall happy)
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Hey !
Lol, sorry, excited,,,,
In a little over a month, I might have a few posters to sell. I am getting the first one in about a week. And if it looks good, I am going to get a few to sell. It should be 10$ shipping inculded. The only promlem would be if you want different shipping, or if you live on a different continent...... Sorry. But yeah.
Seeing on whcih ones end up looking the best, Ill post what I am selling :).
There should be 2 versions. One is more gothic and punk style ( hoenstly though, it jsut kind of happened that way, Anarchy in the name is a mental thing, not a political thing at all). The other is kinda trippy techno style I am quite proud of.
So yeah, tell me if youre interrested in helping a kid out and getting a poster!
:: is getting quite pathetic in her hunt for money::
Later and thanks for reading this!
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Anarchy Rains Productions

My begining up and coming production company now has a mypsace!
Im gonna make it all spiffy over the next couple weeks. Adding people of interrest and friends to it right now, though its still obviously under construction...
But it will be where Ill first post my Short Films, and links to where you can rate them later on. The first one should be up within 8 weeks, I will be posting casting calls, crew calls, my actors and actresses, information on everything concerning this.....Also, if anyone wants me to promote their band or soemthing through me. Maybe we can make a deal.
Dont make me pay you to use the music. I will sign shit saying I wont copyright it. But I can probaly work in ways to get your band name out. And I really need some music. Preferably, Rock styled stuff, Happy Hardcore techno, Underground Rapers, and Coffee House stereotypical stuff too :)
You can find it on myspace by hitting the Search button near the top.
It will give you a smaller search engine, and after clicking in the bubble for email search type in
If you have problems, email me at AndSheGrowels@aol.com. ~NOT~ the above email. That one is just for keeping records and copies of things right now.
And thanks if you help me out!
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And I swear to the fucking goddess, I am going to not go politics,,,,, but legal when Im famous danmit!
Make legal age for shit 16.
Even for like fucking voting. You know.... If a 16 year old will get htere ass out of bed and away from there girlfriends long enough to vote. then they obviously mean it, and know what they are doing. They are old enough to know there beliefs!
But im not alking just that. Im tlaking emancipation will be made easier, and legal shit concerning making films will be easier.
this si shit.
If you are old enough at 16 to be legaly able to have sex. it shouldnt be a crime if its with someone over 18. IF you are old enough to have sex, maybe an older guy will have already made his mistakes and use a goddanm condom (cough *know how to use a goddnam condom* sough)
If you are old enough to be killed in war at 18.
You are old enough to have a martini